Holy Exaltation of the Cross & Saint Bridget –
Sister Parishes in Christ

In “Church in America,” Saint Pope John Paul II declared that the Church is the sign and instrument of the communion willed by God. This communion must be made visible in concrete signs, such as communal prayer for one another, fraternal ties between Dioceses and Parishes, and communication among pastoral workers.

Bishop Emeritus Dale Melczek started the relationship on the diocesan level in 2008, especially focusing on supporting the education of the Haitian children as a means to escape poverty and destitution. Then Bishop Hying invited parish relationships in 2017.

We are convinced that Divine Providence has already brought together the peoples of our two Parishes. Encouraged by the call of Saint Pope John Paul II to develop “bonds of communion with the local Churches in other areas of America,” we, as pastors and communities of faith, believe that the Holy Spirit is now calling us to continued communion and solidarity and to enrich strengthen the partnership that we already share. We, therefore, joyfully sign this Solemn Covenant, between Holy Exaltation of the Cross Parish, Diocese of Fort Liberte Haiti, and Saint Bridget Parish, Diocese of Gary, USA.

We pledge:

  • To strengthen the relationship of friendship between our two Parishes so that we may enrich one another’s human and spiritual life.
  • To encourage prayer and other types of exchanges for one another in our parishes and families.
  • To use whatever means are possible and suitable to enrich the lives and the faith of our people, especially sharing of pastoral experience and programs.
  • To encourage the faithful of each parish to visit each other, whenever possible, and to offer our gifts, talents, service, and to love one another.
  • To commit ourselves to organized a joint committee dedicated to the ongoing dialogue between our two peoples and to assure that this Covenant grows in meaning and effectiveness.
  • To review and renew this Covenant every five years.