March 30, 2023

Fr. Bernadin has given me an update on the funds we sent to him as our Christmas gift. If you remember, we raised $5,415 and asked him to prioritize paying his teachers their salaries. He is very happy to report that he was able to keep up with his teacher’s payroll in January, February and March, totaling about $3,379. The remainder $2,035 will go towards finishing out the payroll for April and May. He extends his deepest gratitude for our assistance in the education of the children.

Fr. Bernadin has had an unexpected expense and is asking for our assistance. As you know, his parish is in two locations, which are about thirty minutes apart, and he has a pastoral vehicle to get him between those locations. They have had to send their truck to get major engine repair; he sent me a couple of pictures of the engine. I have asked for further details, but the estimate is $3,000. We have received $1,399 from our recent Haiti Sister Parish envelopes, which we can send him right away. But that still leaves $1,601. If you would like to contribute to this need, please designate the funds for Haiti Sister Parish and turn them into the office or the collection.

Fr. Bernadin expresses his prayers and the prayers of his parishioners as we enter into Holy Week, and a Happy Easter!

Fr. Ben