St. Vincent de Paul

The society is dedicated to responding to Our Lords many commands and admonitions to love and serve the poor. It does this by providing spiritual and corporal works of mercy to those who ask for help. Just as important, it is also dedicated to the spiritual growth of its members.

The society was formed in 1833 in Paris, France, by a rich young man named Fredrick Ozanam and rapidly grew to its current world wide membership of over 700,000 men and women. Our conference here at St. Bridget’s currently has 14 active and 11 associate members.

Resources for this work are supplied by the gifts placed in the St. Vincent de Paul poor box in the back of the church, its members and the generosity of Father Bertino. The needy are assisted with help to pay over due utility bills, late rent payments and medical needs. The St. Vincent de Paul youth group also helps with physical activities such as lawn mowing and gutter cleaning, as well as many other spiritual activities.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month in the parish conference room. Please feel free to come and join us. We think you will find it very rewarding.

You can also help by placing a buck (if the spirit moves you) into the poor boxes each week. Just think of the work that could be done if every member of this fine parish donated a dollar a week!