Ministry of Sacristan

A sacristan is one who assures the continuity and accountability for liturgy.  Other individuals and groups are involved, including the liturgy committee,  the art and environment persons, maintenance personnel, acolytes, ushers, lectors, and Eucharistic Ministers.  Sacristans set up and supervise the regular replenishment of materials like wine, bread, candles, charcoal, etc.  An inventory of  supplies is taken.  Sacristans prepare all of the objects that will facilitate the celebration.  They assist in the operating procedures that occur on a daily and weekly operation of the sacristy.  They help maintain the church complex, prepare liturgical materials, and maintain images and decorations.  The main support and supervision is from the pastor.

At this time, we have seven sacristans who fulfill this responsibility on both a daily and weekly basis.  The sacristans are scheduled for every daily and weekly Mass, funerals, Holy Days, special services (including, but not limited to Vespers during Lent, Ash Wednesday, Holy Hours) or any celebration of the Eucharist.

The word Sacristan comes from the Latin word, sacer, meaning sacred.  This sacred and essential parish ministry is most often work performed behind the scenes, but very visible if not performed with diligence and accuracy.  Any parishioner interested and willing to assist in this ministry should call the Parish Office.