Schoenstatt Rosary

The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign pledges to pray at least 1 Rosary every day. We participate of the Schoenstatt Movement (

We form small circles of at most 10 members and pledge to pray at least 1 rosary every day and we pass around a small Image of the Blessed Mother according to an accepted schedule.* When the Image is at our homes we participate in all the Masses and prayers of the priests, nuns and members of the Schoenstatt Movement. 

There are no scheduled meetings but we can participate in any of the multiple events offered by the Schoenstatt Movement. It is a global Movement, started in Schoenstatt, Germany, more than 100 years ago.  The headquarters in the USA is in Waukesha,  Wisconsin. The Global Headquarters is in Schoenstatt, Germany. 

Currently there are three circles at St. Bridget Church. Their respective coordinators are Maria Libey (MTA 2137), Mary Anne Shaw (MTA 2014-337) and Joseph Merlini (MTA 5376)

 We started this Schoenstatt Pilgrim Rosary in our Parish in 2002. The groups cannot have more than 10 members. Every time that a group reaches 11 members we split the group and start another group with another coordinator.

We pledge to pray 1 rosary every day.