Unbound Ministry

The Unbound Ministry is a two part prayer ministry.

First we seek God for ourselves through prayer and forgiveness.
Second we assist others through intercessory prayer to help find peace and forgiveness with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Unbound is a safe, simple, gentle, and powerful prayer ministry where you will learn how to claim the freedom that Jesus Christ promised!

Plan to attend the Unbound class, if you:

  • Are struggling with spiritual burdens.
  • Feeling frustrated in your spiritual growth.
  • Want to discover the power of the Gospel.

Unbound ministry empowers people to take hold of the freedom they have been given in Christ and to respond to the Good News of the Gospel.

The Unbound Ministry helps us discover: What is Forgiveness, Why should I Forgive, Why is it hard to Forgive?

The first program is an 8 week course. (personal growth).
The second program is a 9 week course. (intercessory prayer ministry training).
We all have the gift of prayer given to us by Jesus. It’s time we put His gift to work.

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